Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Italy in frames.

Not only that Italy is famous as a city of fashion, but it also famous for its amazing architecture around the city. I can wander all day long by myself just looking at those old building with amazing statue, Oh how I miss Italy. Despite it was summer by the time I got there, but trust me the summer is way hotter than you can think. Almost as hot as Sydney around summer, yeah 40 celsius is not friendly at all. I was in awe when I first reached there and I wished I had enough time to take outfit photos but well time is not in my favour but all in all, I enjoyed my time there. So we went to Trevi Fountain, for those who watch Lizzie Mcguire movie back in the days, this fountain reminded me of one of the movie scene here. Its a fountain of love, where people usually throw coins into the fountain and expectedly to find love in near future. I am not so into those kind of myth, but for fun we do it anyway haha. Next to the place, there is this good gelato place and trust me the gelato is amazing !!! As good as il freddo dolce in Melbourne, Ohh now I want ice cream. Have a great holidays guys ! 

This is what I'm talking about, mint chocolate chip & vanilla gelato 

Monday, December 1, 2014

Macquarie Mainwalk.

Blue leather jacket - Zara
Jeans - Guess Denim
Over the knee boots - Staccato
Handbag - Fendi Chameleon
Sunnies - Sunpocket

Totally in love with this main walk, look at those beautiful background and the weather was really nice when I took this shots couple weeks ago. It reminds me of my uni days where I had to rush to some of classes because I was being late haha (uni time is the best don't you agree ?). If only I can turn back time, but hey life goes on and I am grateful for things I have today. I can't imagine myself going through all of those assignments and the worst dissertation !! Anyway, christmas is coming up and its that time of year where lovely decoration is everywhere - oh how time flies so fast ! Can't wait for christmas... Any plans where to go this christmas peeps ?

One of Bryan's fav photo that day :P

Monday, October 13, 2014

Hello Spring !

Trench coat - Zara
Dollar sign legging - Forever21
Over the knee boots - Staccato
Handbag - Lady Dior

These photos were taken when I was visiting Melbourne 2 months ago and it was winter there (Melbourne and winter equals to crazy wind). Bryan finally had the time to send me these photos as he was having assignments week and finally the photos are here ! So let me say that Melbourne got some interesting food to offer and I had quite a great food journey. Finally fulfil my crave for "kanpai teppanyaki" even though it has been years since the last time I ate them and went to the restaurant 2 days in a row - Yes I know its crazy but it's just that good... All in all I love Melbourne but Sydney is where my heart belongs to be :P Can't wait for my next visit to Melb soon !

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fish market on sunny days.

Trench coat - Zara
Handbag - Lady Dior
Sunnies - Sunpocket
Over the knee boots - Staccato

It has been awhile since the last time I post an outfit post here, the fact that I am separated by my one and only photographer (aka. Bryan) makes me hard to take an outfit post. But I do post some of my #ootd on my Instagram though, check it out guys. Anyway, these photos were taken when I am having my holiday in kangaroo island ! Actually I am visiting my bro who happen to live there now and sad to say that I am back in Jakarta :( 
I love Sydney's weather and can't wait to go back for sure. I miss those brunch places that serves amazing food (I know food-related posts were Bryan's specialties but I took couple of shots not too many on my IG account). Just love everything about Sydney and can't wait to go back there hopefully on December *fingercross

My friend ex-sydneysiders Liana make an appearances here :P

Ma bro is here