Monday, July 7, 2014

Vivid Sydney.

I know it has been awhile since either Bryan or Melisa updated this blog. We have been occupied with our work lately. Bryan has finally overcome his crazy final exam week and Melisa is still in the midst of her exciting work life. Alright, so these photos were taken a month ago when Sydney is having their annual Vivid Sydney 2014 and believe me despite all of the exams and all, this is a MUST visit event !!! Look at the multiple faces of opera house and not only the opera but they also beautify some of the buildings with artistic light (like Sydney museum of contemporary arts). Scroll down for more photos :)

My favourite pattern: the Galaxy !

Monday, June 9, 2014

Crooked River Wines.

A dine with professional, Crooked River Wines was established in 1998 and located in the South Coast of New South Wales, Gerringong. This family owned and operated winery is located at the top of the hill with magnificent view all around. Guests are allowed to try some of the most favourite wines they have and do notice that you need to make reservation beforehand. The thing that I love about this restaurant is that it is not that packed with people because the arrangement of the seating is just right. Not only the winery, but this place is also famous with the restaurant. The chef is Australian Masterchef, Coop Woodstone. Nothing get better than that right ?!! Great wines with great food, its a splendid afternoon indeed. Scroll down to see more about the famous food :) Happy drooling !

Brioche Stuffed Quail with Speck, Young Sprouts & Tarragon Sauce

Exotic Mushroom & Truffle Risotto with Aged Reggiano

Sticky Maple Pork Belly with Seared Scallop and Pork & Quinoa Crumb

10 Hours Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder, Rosemary Salt, Brown Sugar Baby Carrots & Lamb Juice

Pan Fried Salmon with Mint, Leek & Pancetta Roleau, Spring Onions & Champagne Sauce

Fresh Peach with Vanilla Cream, Creme Brûlée, Plum & Nutmeg

Banana Semifreddo, Crema De Leche, Shortbread Crumb & Fresh Banana

Crooked River Wines, Verdelho

Look at the view of the winery

Monday, May 26, 2014

Royal Easter Show.

It has been awhile since either Melisa or me (red: Bryan) posted something to this blog. We have been busy lately, Melisa is overwhelmed with her new exciting business and Sydney is in the middle of assignment weeks where all of the final project is due within upcoming week (yeah you know the feeling, sleepless night and brain extortion days). Despite the hectic weeks, I manage to go to the Sydney Royal Easter Show and it was awesome. The photos taken a few weeks earlier (midst of April) and it was still summer/autumn that day. It was hot and windy at the same time - the most annoying weather of the year. There were so many rides and games to do; the best part is, if you manage to score in some the games, you are entitled to choose your own prize ! I got myself a Pikachu doll from a basketball game and as you can see, you can actually buy the doll without playing the games. Not only rides and games booth but you can actually see some of the farm animals here as well (scroll down to know more about the easter show).

It is called a "Princess Booth"

Showbags. Showbags. Showbags

Hey there little wombats :))

This sheep is magnificent ! Look at those horns.... 

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Pacific Drive Highway

Easter break is officially over ! Time to get back to face the reality with homework, works, and couple other errands to do *sigh. Despite the fact that holiday is over, I had a great time during my holiday. Had a road trip with couple friends of mine visiting incredible places like the one I am about to share with you guys. Whoever planning to come to Sydney, make sure check this dope place out ! The place called "Illawara Fly Tree Walk"and its one of the premiere treetop walk in NSW. Raised above 710 metres from the sea level where you can actually see yourself hanging above the ground. The see-through steel flow makes it possible for you to see the ground beneath you (not recommended to this who afraid of heights though). Scroll down to get better look of it :)

Lets begin the adventure